Mediation For The Masses

Meditation: Health And Science

Different Types of Meditation 



When you think about the word meditation, what comes to your mind? Your brain most likely conjured up an image of a man in an orange robe chanting the word “Om”. While this may be the typical way that we perceive meditation to be, the truth is is that there is much more to it. There are a variety of different practices that one could pursue based on what they’re looking for to achieve by meditating. For those of you who are seeking certain benefits from meditation, here is a list of several popular types of meditation methods.


How Meditation Works On Pain And Stress Relief




“Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Be aware of yourself from within. Stay in the present. Don’t drift in the past or in the future. Bring your attention to now.”


Those are only some of the words that people use to lead their meditation classes, in particular, mindfulness meditation. Simple, yet powerful. Thousands have attested to the healing benefits of meditating, be it physical, mental or emotional healing. While the practice of meditation originated from the Buddhists in their quest for inner peace and balance, a large population of North Americans has been utilizing meditation for stress and pain relief. But how do these meditations work? How do mantras heal the mind, body and soul? Let us discuss the reasons here.


Meditation For Those With Back Pain And Other Issues 




Back pain and other types of pain are common issues that can end a meditation session early. It is difficult to focus on being mindful if the only thing your mind is focused on is the ache in your lower back. If you have problems with back pain or other pain during meditation, here are some alternative meditation poses that may be a better fit for you.


Meditation Mistakes


Meditation can be an amazing tool if it is used properly. However, there are plenty of mistakes that beginners make that prevent them from getting the most out of their meditation sessions. If you are new to meditation and you feel as though you are not getting the benefits of meditation that you should be, take a look at some of the common meditation mistakes below.



How Meditation Can Help You  



Meditation is the practice of calming the mind and grounding yourself in the present. Although there are many health benefits linked to meditation, it is often overlooked as a legitimate method to heal the body and the mind. For those who may be curious about the health benefits of meditation but are not quite sure if they are ready to begin meditating on their own, here are some ways in which meditation can help you.

For one it is a good positive diversion in reducing stress and anxiety, a form of self-help towards getting inner peace. Compare this to resorting to negative diversions due to stress, such as alcohol and substance abuse, which will definitely give birth to more problems as you would need help dealing with the addiction.


Stress Relief Solutions


Who doesn’t get stressed from time to time? Stress can truly play a huge part in everyday life and yet it can affect us in a major way. It’s hard to know which way to turn when it comes to stress as it really overwhelms you. However, for some, finding a suitable stress relief solution can often be hard. There are many good options but finding something that actually works is another matter entirely. So, what solutions do you have? Read on to find out more.

Have A Good Cup Of Tea!

Firstly, when you’re stressed, you need to take a break and find a calming solution. One of the very best options has to be to drink a sweet cup of tea or coffee. This can truly allow you to catch your breath and take a moment to reflect on the situation. However, if you aren’t a big tea drinker, you can look at some iced tea or a fresh glass or OJ! This can really help you take a moment to reflect and maybe de-stress. (more…)

Meditation for the Soul


Have you thought about using meditation? For most, they do not give meditation a lot of thought as they think it’s a waste of time and far too difficult to do in the first place. However, meditation doesn’t really take too much time or effort, as it can be so simple. What’s more, you don’t have to be in the best shape to actually find meditating to be effective and anyone can try it. Meditation for the soul is good and you really need to think about using it today too. It can be a source or a means to pave way for inner strength and healing even from way back one’s childhood. Read more here


Meditate daily for a healthy mind

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Meditation is truly an important element when it comes to having a healthy mind and body. However, have you thought about meditation? To be honest, a lot of people don’t think about meditating and believe it’s a waste of time. It can, in fact, be a useful element for most and if you meditate on a daily basis, you can ensure your mind is healthy and happy. Why should you meditate daily? Read on to find out more.

You can become stress-free